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Inside the slums
Cities like Bombay (Mumbai), Bangalore, Hyderabad and Madras (Chennai) becomes world metropoles of many million people. In the slums are living or better vegetate a unkown number of the poorest of poors. Thousands of children without hope for the future. Here we have the opportunity to help by daily food-program.

Children homes & Orphanages
We do effective voluntary social work in different union states of India . Children out of poorest conditions we admit into our homes and they find safety and affection.

Faithful care and education of the children happen through experienced warden. Each child received several times a year clothes plus a school uniform. Every day will be served three times proper food and beverages. Medical care will be provide in case of necessity.

Many children were raised in the past decades in our homes, so we have many co-worker who help today as warden, teacher, etc. to achieve the best for these children.

Each child can stay in our homes until they complete high-school or colleges. In case of further studies we provide individuell accomodation.

Vocational Training
To give our children from our homes a long term perspective, we offer after completing a succesful school education also vocational training. In our own training center at Bangalore, young people can learn different occupations.

Borewell Program
Water - the most essential element on earth to survive. Proper clean water is urgent needed for everyone specially for children. So we hire local companies to drill for clean ground water. After we prepare a proper well with pipes to provide homes and villages with clean healthy water.

Medical aid in India is only available if you can afford to make the payment. Pour children and their parents, hardly achieve this, so they often need to take loan or have no chance for any treatment.

To give them a chance by free medical aid, we started to built a dispensary. Many more will be needed.

Natural Calamities Aid
When the earthquake on 26.01.2001 hits the northwestern state of Gujarat, we started to bring relief goods,help and assistance to the needy population there.

After the Tsunami destroyed on 26.12.2004 the eastern coastside of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, we started to help the children who lost their parents, by gather them and admit them in a new orphanage, specially opened for Tsunami affected children.

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